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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  September 6, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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a plea from a family white house daughter was killed a month ago. new details of an independent probe into 43 missing students in mc, including one from the bay areament what it says the mexican government's report got wrong. hot weather is headed our way and could mush -- push some cities into triple digit territory. that next. >> good evening, i'm katie marzullo. the family of a murdered vallejo woman is making a plea to help catch her killer. it's been more than a month since 21-year-old a'tierra westbrook was gunned down in front of. her home. cornell bernard is live with
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details. >> reporter: they hope a $20,000 reward will be enough to catch a killer, and bring some justice to a family who so desperately needed it. >> she was a beautiful, peaceful young woman. >> reporter: a small memorial remembering a'tierra westbrook sits on benecia road. the balloons delated and flowers witnessed. her family is demanding answers. >> our family is in constant fear. we don't know why that it helped. >> reporter: this relative said it was time to speak out about the brutal murder which happen the morning of all 3rd. a'tierra was leaving for her job a at a richmond hospital where worked with her mom. >> she turned the engine on and someone walked up to the driver's side and began shooting into the car. >> young girl, too many bullets. it's not right. >> reporter: neighbors heard multibell gunshots, detectives
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have few clues bud shay was targeted by someone. witnesses could only describe a tall, thin man, wearing a gray hoodie, leaving the scene in a silver canadian. >> see didn't have a boyfriend that was mat her. >> the family offering a $20,000 reward for information about the killing. they set up a facebook page to get the word out. a'tierra was a former cheerleader at vallejo high school who hoped to go to nursing school. marta owns the corner market where she shopped. >> he was nice person. we saw her going to work in the morning, come back at night. we didn't see she was in the trouble. >> reporter: the family hopes someone with information can help. >> somebody did this. >> reporter: relatives want some toupe of closure in form of justice. in vallejo, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> new new del -- new cuts into the mexican government
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investigation into the missing studentings. one stunt is from san jose. the students vanished while riding buss last september. "the los angeles times" reports an international group found that police kit indianed and killed the students under order from a drug cartel. that same report says the drug dealers were trying to reclaim heroin stashed in at least one bus. and there's no evidence that a fire, large and hot enough to burn 43 bodies, took place as reported. a jail guard claims he never touched an inmate he is accused of killing. raf real rod aggression is one of three guards casing murder charges in the death of michael tyree. he gave been interview and says sheriff's investigators are relying on hearsay from enmites and accused detectives of making things up. all three accused guards are in protective custody at the
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alameda county jail in dublin. >> grocery shoppers saw properties telling tom avoid whole foods. a small group held "black lives matter" signs. pictures surfaced showing a man beaten. a shopper snapped the picture showing the man after she said a security guard, hired by whole foods, became violent if the man had been arguing with a cash year. >> we have a list of demand and we're going to present those demands to management at whole foods and we're going to work as a community to get this straightened out and make sure that this is a good place to shop for everybody. >> they have fired the security company involved in the fight police are investigating. smock bill lowed from this building in millbrae. firefighters were on scene checking the roof for hot spots. investigators say the fire spark -- was sparked in the
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building's electrical unit. there have not been any reports of injuries. a warning for beachgoers this holiday weekend, expect hardous conditions from monterey to sonoma county. the national weather service says there are swell from three to five feet causing dangerous rip currents, sneaker waves and large breaks along any shore facing south and southwest. the warning is in effect through tomorrow night. taking a live look from the east bay hills cam remark it has been a sunny and beautiful weekend, plenty warm, too, and going to get warmer. lisa argen has more with live doppler 7hd. >> it is going to be a scorcher out there, and in fact we're talking about temperatures that were about 11 degrees warmer today, and by tomorrow we'll add on another 10 degrees or so. so we're talking about lots of hot weather ahead. in fact a sneak peek at the next seven days, including labor day,
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that just begins our heat wave. it's going to take until next weekend when we cool off so between now and then, hope you have a plan for the heat. we'll talk about low relative humidity, high fire danger as well, when we come back. >> thank you. bart's closure of the transbay tube has put add-under on roadways, ferries and buss this weekend. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see right now, not much traffic at all. lilian kim is live from the ferry building with more about closure and how people are dealing with it. >> reporter: a lot of people have been taking the ferry, and as a result, it's been very's. in fact it's been so crowded at times that boats are reaching capacity. in which case passengers near the back of the line had to wait for the next boat. on saturday the number of passengers on the san francisco bay ferries, from oakland to alameda to san francisco, more
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than doubled. 8400 passengers compared to 3700 on the saturday of labor day weekend last year. today's numbers not as dramatic but increased. a couple hundred passengers and the day is not over. we spoke to people who missed the ferry going back to the east bay because the boat filled up quickly. >> the line was all the way to the back and we thought we'd miss it but it's okay. it's beautiful. it's great weather. we're happy. we don't get to the city that much so it's okay with us. >> we can usually hop right on. now the frequency of ferries today i much better. they've add ed some ferries. so, there's only a half an hour wait versus an hour so still convenient. >> others have chosen to take the free buses to get across the bay. while the transbay tube is closed for repairs. the bus is set to be moving smoothly. the tube re-opens tuesday morning. live in san francisco, abc7 news.
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>> thank you. you can download the free abc news app to get the latest information on this closure of the tube. enable the push alerts for an instant update the moment the tube re-opens. the app is free to download for smartphones, tablets and the apple watch. still ahead at 6:00, californians have done remarkably well cutting back on water. how it could change how the state adapts to the current water crisis. a search for a tangled blue whale has been unsuccessful. but rescuers
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california's response to the water crisis has far exceeded the expectation's state regulators and now they're considering a new approach to solving the cry sunday in june we cut back by 27 parts in july we cut back even further, reaching 31%. that totals 14,000 feet of water saved elm "los angeles times" reports that's more than twice the amount of water two reservoir projects would save, and to the jackets would cost $3.5 billion. because californians so easily adapted, some experts are suggesting a state forego big projectso focus on conservation and innovation.
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that would include groundwater rae claimation, capturing rain water and giving customers incentives for using less. this weekend rescuers have been unable to find a blue whalen tangled in heavy fishing line in southern los angeles county. a tour boat operator saw the whale. the rescuers attached a buoy. there's been no sign of the whale or the buoy. marine mammal experts say the whale could survive months or longer, depending hundred its entangled. some good news, private boaters have joined the search and experts believe it will be found because of the massive effort. coming up next at 6:00, action figures come to life. the explosion of pop culture in the south bay this weekend, and the heat keeps colonialing, lisa argen is up information with the
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forecast. >> giants win back-to-back games in as colorado and the a's lose their fifth straight the raiders trimmed their roster to 53 presidents, and matt mcgloin will talk raider
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hundred's comic book fans spend their weekend at comic-con in san jose. we were at the conventioner in where guests dressed like their favorite characters. the annual event allows fans to meet celebrity panelists and collect million more beil ya like vintage comic books, posters and accessories for next year. i want to see the wizard. over to lisa. a check of the forecast. hot out there. >> we have a 25-degree spread from the coast to inland valleys
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but that's going to change. today is the last comfortable day. 90 in concord. 86 in fremont. half moon bay, 70. the strip of yellows, this is where it's pretty nice. from 70 to 80. these numbers, as much as ten degrees above average. we'll add on ten degrees tomorrow, and then another five to eight degrees throughout the middle of the week. it's going to be a hot and long stretch of very dry weather ahead. here's sutro. 74right now in san francisco. 83, mountain view, san jose. and look at half moon bay, 66. now, tomorrow, see temperatures in the 80s. exploratorium camera, a beautiful shot here. tons of blue sky. 88 santa rosa, 86, novato, temperatures dropping off a little bit. all in the 90s here, and tomorrow you're going to be close to 100 degrees in some valleys and it's going to stay that way probably until
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thursday, maybe even friday. so look how crowded the beach is in santa cruz. up are 80s. we'll have a hot labor day as this comes to a close. the heat with a just gets started. dangerous surf continues into tomorrow and toasty temperatures all week long. so, we'll have an offshore flow, not gusty offshore winds and we'll be fog-free, so beaches well be beautiful except for this. the long periods of southwesterly swells, meaning a lot of water moving offshore, and that creates hazardous conditions. so very dangerous for stinson and santa cruz and all points in between. mid and upper 50s. a beautiful night. then the next couple of nights, 60s, then 70s, and then uncomfortable sleeping weather. this is about it from average to well above average for the week ahead. it's the higher pressure ridge building down and pushing down on the atmosphere, allowing for
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the compressional heating, and we'll get some very warm temperatures, low relative humidity, fire danger increases. the only good thing about this is that the wind should not be very gusty. warm day today. tomorrow low to mid-80s. a warm one as the art festival finishes, and look at the trim digit heat here for livermore. 102. 104, and then you'll notice next weekend we cool down. so low 90s should be pretty much the norm to the mid-90s from los gatos to santa clara and sunnyvale. 891 in redwood city, 86, san mateo. pacifica, 75. 83 downtown, north bay, 93 for novato. east bay, low 90s, union city, upper 90s, and the accuweather forecast, a bit of a breeze thursday and friday along the coastline and then everyone cools off next weekend. >> thank you for next weekend.
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>> you're saying thank you now. okay. >> thank you. over to shu now. >> over to shu now. >> that's right. a little football and you both are fans. we're going to get the real deal. raiders open the season a week from today, hosting the cincinnati bengals. the 53-man roster is set for now. one of the best battles in camp was for backup quarterback. matt mcgloin in a dead heat with christian ponder who had the upper hand with coach musgrave who coached him in minnesota but all matt does is score touchdowns and wins games elm is not flashy but is a winner and that's what the raider brass love. today matt talked about his status. >> a very healthy competition, just trying to learn from one another, compete against one another, day in and day out, and very fortunate thankful that the head coach and coaching staff and management have faith in me to be the backup quarterback.
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>> giants are hanging bay thread in the playoffs. the won in colorado. this rockie fan flexing his muscles. daring the giants to bring it so they did. buster posey had not hit a home run in a month. today finally breaks through, 100th career homer. ties the game. giantsal in the fifth. matt duffy, rbi triple. marlon byrd with the single, and brandon crawford, the bases-loaded double. brandon belt trying to slide. belt tries to score from first but will be tagged out but the damage was done. mad bum's 17th win of the year. a's and mariners, oakland raises $57,000 for breast cancer awareness. sean nolan first career start with the a's. allowed three runs in the fifth.
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3 or m's. we shows you buster breaking his home run slum, and showing you billy butler doing the same thing. 3-1 after sing in the eighth a moment no man wants to encounter, steven vogt takes a ball in the sweet spot. went to the hospital. a's swept by the mariners. they're now 21 games below .500 with the fifth straight loss. >> one-run loss like that, we're don and come back and fall just short. i don't know how much short you can fall than today, but in a day when it looked like we probably going down pretty easy, the at-bats got tougher, and the position we're in right now, that's what you want to see. >> first sunday of the u.s. open was a family affair with the williams sisters, venus and serene nark both on the court and will face each other in the quarterfinals.
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venus, set point. had her opponent on the run. the return goes long. venus wins the first set. she breezed through the second. winning two and one so venus did her part to reach the quarterfinals, playing as well as i've seen her in years. now, serena facing another american, madison keyes. attack thursday net, a little gift from madison this easy finish. serena won the first set. despite trailing trailing in th, she wins. she'll face her sister in the quarters looking for the grand slam. she was hoping venus would lose. >> i barely had time to get ready for my match because she played so fast. i i was actually hoping she would lose a few games for the first time. but, yes, i have to really be ready for that. i have to play like i did or better today, but at least one
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of us will be a william -- a williams in the september mys. >> deutsche bank championship, charlie hoffman fell apart. eight bogeys for a 5 over 76. now six back. rickie fowler one back after shooting a 4-under 67. birdie putt on 8 finds the cup. henrik stenson is the leader. eagle here on 4. 13-under heading into monday's final round. this sports report brought to you by bank of the west. serena and venus meet in the quarterfinals exactly 14 years after their first meeting at the u.s. open, and when you're sister is about to win the grand slam do you tanker match? want to beat her? going to be an interesting match. >> can't imagine that dynamic, playing against your sister. next at 6:00, one of this year's black buster movie -- block butter
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join us on kofy tv 20, push to rename a major airport after a name change to mt. mckinley, who the reagan national airport would be rename after. at 11:00 here on channel 7, scare for passengers heading to germany from sfo. the in-flight emergency that
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forced the plane to turn around. jurassic "jurassic world" has topped $1 billion at the box office during a slow weekend at u.s. theaters the fourth movie in the jurassicpark series became the fourth movie to cross the billion dollar threshold. furious and "jurassic park" are part of disney movies. in just eight months, universal has already earned more than $6 billion. faith-based from war room claimed top spot with $9.3 million. "straight outta compton" drops to second, after three weeks at the top. "a walk in the woods" was third, and "mission impossible" was fourth, and the first transplant sporter to not star jason statham was fifth with 7
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million. still waiting to see wow train wreck." >> i recommend "straight outta compton." great film. >> thank you see you tonight.
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pete: warning. please do not attempt any of the activities presented in this show. they are dangerous and could-- i want to "what went down." today on "what went down," it's the very best...of the very worst... of the very best. and that doesn't make sense.


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